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16 May 2022


Poland is among the most common destinations for businesses searching for the greatest talents in software development. Companies based in the U.S. and Western Europe hire Polish developers due to a number of benefits, ranging from advanced technical skills to good English and reasonable cost. Luckily, the modern world is global, and people are n o more than a phone call or email away, no matter where they live. Therefore, businesses operating in different countries can hire developers from anywhere in the world. In this article we will explain why multiple companies choose Poland.

Who are Polish developers?

According to Kulik from benchmark.pl, software developers from Poland are mostly between 25 and 34 years old, and approximately 80% of them have higher education. Many employers are eager to hire young talents because of their flexibility, fresh perspectives, and driving ambition. Also, the quality of higher education in Poland is outstanding, so employers can rest assured that Polish candidates have a profound understanding of software development.

Warsaw, Lodz, Krakow, and Wroclaw are the biggest cities in Poland where thousands of software engineers live. There are R&D centers of international companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel. A number of outsourcing companies and tech startups are also based in these locations, making Poland one of the major European tech hubs.

Why should you hire Polish developers?

1. Reasonable Costs

Poland has one of the most affordable labor costs in the European Union. SalaryExpert reports that the average software developer’s gross salary in Poland is around $39,000. On the other hand, this number is much higher in Western Europe and in the U.S. For example, a software engineer earns annually $73,000 in France and $115,000 in the United States on average. The reason for this difference is the low cost of living in Poland.

2. High-quality Education

Numerous highly regarded universities are located in Poland, offering first-class education in various fields, including computer science. Tech students from all over the world come to Poland to obtain higher education since they can effortlessly integrate with the Polish education system and obtain the sound knowledge and experience needed to start their careers. Statista shows that over 10,000 ICT students graduate from Polish universities each year; thus, there is a large pool of talents.

3. Excellent Coding Skills

Polish developers have excellent coding skills, and the article published by HackerRank proves it. Based on the code quality and speed, Polish developers are the 3rd best in the world, only behind Russia and China. They are incredibly good at creating new projects, maintaining or enhancing existing ones, fixing bugs, etc.

4. Minimum Cultural Differences

The countries that offer the lowest software development costs in the world, such as China, India, or Mexico, are probably great places to hire developers. However, recruiting Polish software engineers comes with one key advantage. They have the Western mindset, making communication with teams from the United States or Western Europe smoother. As Poland is the center of Europe, there are only a small number of cultural differences, so the culture gap is minimal and often goes unnoticed.

5. Strong Work Ethics

Polish developers have strong work ethics. HackerRank lists them as the 3rd most tenacious in the world. It means that they rarely give up on a challenge and focus on making progress. Also, Polish software engineers do not burn out quickly but aim to demonstrate fast and quality results.

6. Stable Economic Growth in the Country

Eurostat shows that Poland has the 6th largest economy in the European Union. Considering how the EU is structured, this fact attracts numerous international businesses. Their strong presence is evident in Poland, and many companies, such as Google, Uber, Goldman Sachs, etc., have a good base there.

7. Time Zone that Allows Collaborating with International Teams

Poland uses Central European Time (CET) which is generally compatible with international teams in different parts of the U.S. and around Europe. For example, Warsaw is 8 hours ahead of San Francisco. Hence, if your company is based there, your Polish employees can provide you with their results or reports, and your team has a full day to review and leave feedback. For European countries, there is barely any time difference, so collaboration is easier.

8. Location

If your company is one that requires frequent travel, Polish developers will have no difficulty. Poland is situated right in the center of Europe, and it is easy to get to any European county, Americas, or Asia from Polish major airports. It also takes only 3 hours by car to get to Berlin from some Polish cities.

9. European Data Security Standards

Poland is part of the EU; thus, it follows the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The Act on the National Cybersecurity System was also introduced by the Polish government to protect companies’ data. It means that there is no need to worry about your business’ security within Polish borders.

Poland vs. Other Outsourcing Destinations

  • India

There is a large number of skilled developers in India with low salary expectations, and they can quickly integrate into international teams. Yet, some Indian developers have built up a reputation for accepting tasks, even if they do not have all the required skills.

  • Mexico

Even though the costs of software development in Mexico are more affordable than in Poland, Polish developers have proved to show better performance and deliver more quality code.

  • Ukraine

Ukrainian developers are similar to Polish ones in most aspects, as both deliver quality code, share the Western mindset, live in similar time zones, etc. However, the salary expectations of Ukrainian engineers are a bit lower.


Poland is often considered a major tech hub in Europe, and Polish developers are among the best worldwide, taking into account such factors as speed, code quality, resilience, etc. At the same time, their salary expectations are reasonable, which attracts numerous international businesses from Western Europe and the U.S. Recruiting Polish Developers is a sensible decision since international companies can reduce costs and acquire skilled employees. If you consider hiring software engineers from Poland, you can always consult us via info@abouthr.pl.


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