The brightest talents are a step away

The brightest talents are a step away

Recruitment of IT-professionals and TOP-managers
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We will solve your problem №1 and will pick for you the best professionals in the market
Executive Search
Executive Search
Search and selection of managers and TOP managers
IT Recruiting
IT Recruiting
Selection of highly qualified developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Database Specialists, Quality Engineers and Web Developers

Why us

Why us #1
We are not only recruiters, we are labor market advisers for our Clients
Why us #2
We work all over Ukraine and Poland, as well as with Europe and the USA
Why us #3
We save dozens of hours of your time searching for and evaluating candidates
Why us #4
We evaluate the personal qualities and key motivators of each candidate
Why us #5
We have repeated experience of successfully closing a vacancy from one candidate
Why us #6
We care about the reputation of our clients

Our clients

Those who entrusted us with their vacancies and were satisfied
Metro Cash & Carry
Leroy Merlin
Strategic Industry Solutions
Ace Logistics
Nexia DK
Interesting numbers

Interesting numbers

submitted candidates for 1 job-offer
weeks - time to fill a vacancy
of our candidates go for technical interview

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When people talk about the reasons why you should use a recruitment agency, they are not just talking in vain. A recruitment agency is like a wire. They connect the switch to the power source. But not just that, they are also insulators of some kind, preventing any problems from either party.
When people talk about the reasons why you should use a recruitment agency, they are not just talking in vain. A recruitment agency is like a wire. They connect the switch to the power source. But not just that, they are also insulators of some kind, preventing any problems from either party.

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Recruitment agency AboutHR is a reliable partner on the market of recruiting highly qualified personnel.

The labor market and the search for employees today requires every company to have professional recruiters and systematic approach to work with the candidate pool. Not every company has a recruitment department, sometimes it is not necessary to have one due to the size of a company, or there is a recruitment department, but due to the number of vacancies, the company still needs professional external assistance. Methods such as job advertisements outdated long ago, especially when it comes to finding IT professionals, TOPs, or rare professionals. The word of mouth search or in your own databases does not always give you the results you want. That’s when a recruiting agency that provides headhunting services will help you out.

Since 2012, the recruitment company AboutHR has been successfully searching for and selecting management staff, IT specialists and highly specialized experts in Ukraine and Poland for customers from more than 15 countries and has sufficient competence to successfully and quickly close such vacancies.

Advantages of AboutHR recruitment services

  1. Our recruitment agency has 9 years of experience in the selection of managers and rare professionals and 6 years of experience in IT/Tech/Digital recruitment
  2. We select specialists throughout Ukraine and Poland, as well as in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey.
  3. We have experience of cooperation with Customers from more than 15 countries: Israel, Japan, the USA, Estonia, Lithuania, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine.
  4. We perform complex orders – opening offices in Ukraine and Poland, expanding offices (selection of teams of 10-20 people in 1-3 months).
  5. We save tens of hours of time for customers and their HR Departments to find candidates.
  6. We submit only quality candidates that meet the requirements and budget of the vacancy.
  7. We use the most up-to-date recruitment tools for the best results .
  8. We speak English and Polish.

The scope of the agency AboutHR

AboutHR Agency specializes in 3 areas of recruitment:

  1. IT recruitment . Our recruitment firm provides services of mass recruitment of experienced developers, testers, database specialists, designers, engineers, security specialists and other IT specialists;
  2. Selection of managers (executive search).If you need to find a CEO, functional directors (finance, logistics, HR, marketing, law, etc.), directors of representative offices, branch managers, AboutHR will find them for you in no time.
  3. Recruitment of rare specialists . We will conduct an effective selection of quality professionals in the field of accounting, finance, auditing, taxes, law, marketing, recruitment, customer service and more.
  4. Registration and maintenance of private individuals for IT companies . AboutHR Agency will help you with the registration and operation of entrepreneurs who work with your company. All activity is conducted online, without unnecessary paperwork. We deal with the paperwork, so your employees can focus on work.

Recruitment agency AboutHR selects candidates in several important stages, starting with a thorough analysis of the requirements and goals of our client, developing the necessary strategy and ending with providing the customer with the best candidates on the market. We will provide you candidates for consideration within the first week of work. We close vacancies in 2-4 weeks.

Our recruiters are fluent in English and Polish, so are able to assess the level of proficiency of the latter languages.

We carefully select candidates, because it is important for us to make sure they meet your requirements, are oriented on long-term cooperation, like to grow professionally and are ready to show the best of them at all times. 90% of our clients who have new vacancies are our returning clients.

Recruitment agency AboutHR will help you find quality and motivated professionals in the shortest possible time and at an affordable price.