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28 September 2022


The recruitment procedure varies across organizations and comprises several stages. As long as you google ‘how to answer HR interview questions for freshers,’ it means you are approaching the last phase. The HR round interview often proceeds after the completion of a technical task, along with a technical interview.

It is necessary to prepare for the HR interview carefully since you may be just one step away from your craved job offer. In this text, you will find some advice and HR interview questions, as well as learn the secret technique to succeed. Besides, you can relax while reading ridiculous questions at the bottom of this blog.

Generally, the HR interview is designed to examine how candidates apply their hard and soft skills and decide whether they fit the corporate culture. So, follow the tips, check the questions, learn to incorporate the STAR technique, and, of course, good luck!

How to Prepare for the HR Round Interview? 

  1. Explore the job description. In the job description, you can find a lot of valuable information: requirements, duties, benefits, etc. All these details demonstrate what skills an HR manager anticipates you having. Now, you realize which of your experiences are worth being emphasized during an interview.
  2. Discover everything about the company. Ignoring this tip is the easiest way to fail an interview. HR interview questions may concern the company’s product/service or history. It is advisable to research the company beforehand to increase your chances.
  3. Practice as if you have to answer the questions from the next section. There is a list of common HR manager interview questions that you can encounter. Reading them and preparing answers is an effective practice to boost your confidence and stay focused during an interview.
  4. Come up with a list of questions you will ask an interviewer. The HR round interview is a chance to show that you are a good fit, as well as discover some information about a potential employer. Therefore, prepare several questions about the company and position to get some useful insights. 
  5. Put yourself in the right mood. Don’t worry is probably the most sensible advice. The understanding of what type of questions are asked in the HR interview will help you gain confidence in your skills and qualifications. Believe in your advantage, but remember that it is not your last opportunity.

12 Most Common HR Interview Questions and Answers 

1. Tell me about the time you showed excellent performance. How did you evaluate it?

Tips: This question is an excellent opportunity to prove that you are an ideal candidate. The key is to be precise while explaining why your performance was excellent in one particular case. You can also specify metrics you used to evaluate your performance.

Things to avoid: HR manager interview questions are designed to assess your knowledge and experience, along with determining what kind of person you are. Of course, you will not appeal to an HR manager if you brag about your outstanding performance without providing convincing proof.

2. How have you dealt with conflicts with coworkers? Give an example.

Tips: You should mention the conflict that was successfully resolved. Keep in mind that there are other HR interview questions concerning failures, so focus on the positive. Show that you have empathy, as it is a critical soft skill for any team member. 

Things to avoid: It is advisable to center on not the conflict but the solution. Also, it is a common mistake to say that it is coworkers’ fault but not yours. 

3. Have you ever led a team? Describe this experience.

Tips: It is one of the most popular HR manager interview questions since employers search for leaders even for non-managerial jobs. Manifest yourself as the individual who already has leadership skills or is willing to obtain them.

Things to avoid: Do not answer: “I have never led a team.” Even though you have not exercised your leadership skills within the workplace yet, you must have taken the role of a leader at least once among family members, friends, or even neighbors. 

4. What was your most challenging task? How did you fulfill it?

Tips: Listen to HR interview questions carefully, and answer them fully. While responding to this question, consider one task that you view as challenging and outline the specific steps you took to complete it. You had better describe a difficult task that you handled successfully. 

Things to avoid: Don’t let an HR manager think that you do not appreciate challenges. Therefore, avoid reporting this task with negative emotions.

5. What is your greatest achievement in your previous position?

Tips: You need to consider something specific that you have done. Tell an HR manager more about the process, noting every step. Finally, prove that this achievement is exceptional by mentioning the results.

Things to avoid: There are two extremes that you had better avoid. They are being too humble and being too self-confident. 

6. What are your interests? How do you pursue them?

Tips: Mention some of your hobbies, whether it is creating handmade greeting cards or running. The more unusual the hobby is, the better an HR manager will remember you.  

Things to avoid: It may seem that HR managers seek those candidates whose main priority is their job. It is partly true, but they also want to ensure that applicants have hobbies and interests outside the workplace. Therefore, do not say that you invest all your time in work and family. 

7. What important decisions have you made recently?

Tips: If you have already read the section ‘how to prepare for the HR interview,’ you should know that being confident is vital. HR managers look for self-assured decision-makers, so prove that you are one of them. 

Things to avoid: Telling an HR manager that you have never had a chance to make a serious decision is a false move. It may imply that you are afraid of taking responsibility.

8. Under what conditions do you work worst and best?

Tips: Among the most common HR interview questions, you will often find this one. Just be honest with an HR manager and yourself. Maybe you do not like working in a big team or under constant supervision. Mention everything that can both increase and decrease your productivity. 

Things to avoid: If you do not mention crucial details, you may encounter consequences after accepting a job offer. To save you and the HR manager’s time, tell the truth.

9. How would you improve our product/service?

Tips: If candidates know how to prepare for the HR interview, they research the company thoroughly and understand its strengths and weaknesses. Focus on one feature of their product/service, and suggest how to enhance it. 

Things to avoid: Even though there is no wrong answer, you should not point out all the weaknesses of a product/service. An HR manager may think that you lack the appreciation of it. Besides, if a candidate says that a product/service is perfect, it may imply a lack of creativity. 

10. What is the relationship between price, quality and speed?

Tips: You may encounter many tricky HR interview questions requiring the employment of critical thinking and creativity. There is no correct answer since it is not a technical task. Demonstrate that you are analytical and creative and can generate innovative ideas.

Things to avoid: Trying to come up with the right solution is the wrong approach. Also, do not say that you do not know the answer. Such questions require creativity rather than technical knowledge.

11. What is your salary expectation?

Tips: Find several articles on the web that review salaries in your field. You need to be reasonable while considering your experience, education, soft skills and determining your desired pay. Ask yourself whether you are ready to work for a particular amount long-term.

Things to avoid: Stating that salary does not concern you may suggest you are not honest. Moreover, having too high or too low salary expectations may minimize your chances.

12. Do you have additional questions?

Tips: In the section ‘how to prepare for the HR round interview,’ there is a tip to outline several questions beforehand. You may ask about corporate culture, career prospects, duties, benefits, etc. Ask the questions that arise in your mind rather than search for examples on the web. 

Things to avoid: Do not reply: “No, I have no questions.” To demonstrate their interest in a position and value as an employee, a candidate should ask relevant questions. 

The Star Method To Answer HR Interview Questions 

If you wonder how to answer HR interview questions for freshers, the STAR method is a viable solution. It consists of 4 steps: 

– Situation. Provide the context so that an HR manager can understand your answer.

– Task. Explain task requirements.

– Action. Now, describe specific steps you took to meet all the requirements and complete the task successfully.

– Result. Finally, describe the results, focusing on the positive. 

This simple technique can be applied to most of the questions from ‘most common HR interview questions and answers.’ Now, it is time to practice, but before it, take a look at the most senseless HR interview questions.

5 Most Ridiculous HR Manager Interview Questions 

  1. Please share several of your strengths and weaknesses. This question itself encourages candidates to be dishonest. Of course, they will not reveal their biggest weaknesses and center on their strengths.
  2. Where can you see yourself in 5 years? As long as every industry is rapidly changing nowadays, it is impossible to make such long-term career predictions.
  3. Why are you a better fit than the other applicants? Candidates do not know other applicants; thus, this question is senseless. Despite this, this question can be often found among the most common HR interview questions.
  4. Describe yourself in 3 words. Generally, it is impossible to pick up three words that can describe one person. The problem is also that one candidate may try to be honest, while another may focus only on its best qualities. 
  5. Why do you want to work for our company? The answers to this question are often so obvious that candidates do not know what to say. Even though there are some applicants that are motivated only by salary or the location of an office, they will never admit it during an interview.

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