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01 August 2022


AboutHR was first formed with the idea that the world is full of talent. It’s just a matter of connecting them to the people that need them the most. After a decade of working within the industry, we are confident that we have accomplished that mission.

One of the reasons for that confidence is the support and patronage we enjoy from our clients and partners. They have graciously let us know what they think of our services, and we are proud to say that our team has gotten nothing but five-star ratings from all of them.

Today, we want to highlight our latest project and the 5-start review we’ve recently earned thanks to our team’s united effort.

Clutch review AboutHR











Our client for this project was a financial technology company that needed help building a remote engineering team. They reached us through a referral, and we began working on the project as soon as possible.

Moreover, one more 5-star review has appeared on our Clutch profile. AboutHR has partnered with the client who wrote this review since 2017, and we filled over 40 of its positions.

Clutch AboutHR review











This company provides technology services and solutions for multiple businesses. Its representative emphasized that each candidate her company had hired based on our screening was competent and motivated.

While the exact details of these projects aren’t something we want to get into here, those interested in them can read our clients’ full reviews on the Clutch website. We want to highlight that as a result of these projects, AboutHR was listed as a top IT recruiter on The Manifest.

This recognition came unexpectedly, but we fully appreciate it because it represents the growth of our company over the years. More people now know our name, and we are committed to building on this new opportunity as the year unfolds.

With seven years of experience in IT / Tech / Digital recruiting, we recruit candidates throughout Ukraine as well as in Poland, Turkey, the Balkans and Caucasian countries. We have experience working with customers from 21 countries worldwide.

The largest number of our clients are from the USA, Israel, Germany, the UK, and Poland. We successfully take on new staff by building up teams of 10-20 people within 1-3 months, saving dozens of hours of customers’ time spent on the search for candidates.

Our quality candidates meet all the requirements and budget of the vacancy by using the most up-to-date recruitment tools for the best results. Explore the rest of our website to get more information on the services we offer and how we can apply them to your operations.

Feel free to contact our team directly through phone, email, or any of our social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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